About me

My name is Nea Hurme, a 27-year-old self-taught visual artist and nurse from Turku. I got into painting in 2019 after receiving painting equipments from my uncle. I have always loved to draw and paint, and the visual arts have been part of my family for a long time. In March 2021, I started my own company and that's where my journey begin. In the future, my dream is that I can live with visual arts.

Visual arts, dance and music have been therapeutic for me during of mental challenges. Art in all forms set free human subjectivity. It allows us to forget our surroundings. I’m inspired by the human mind, body, beahavior, nature and it’s sounds. Doing artworks intuitively is the best and you never know the result. However, I often plan my works in advance. 

I currently use acrylic colors and various paint materials in my works. I love colors and texture on my paintings. My style has been mostly abstract, but it has also started go more figurative style. 

Sometimes I listen to music at full volume while painting and sometimes I calm down to listen to the sound of rain. When painting, it’s important to listen to your own emotional state. It’s easier to continue an unfinished work by retuning to the mood of the work with the help of the music. 

The best thing about art is that everyone looks at the work of art behind of their own story. It can evoke a lot of emotions and make the art work an important source of strength for you.