Alkuperäisluontoni 1-31.12.2023

This was my first bigger solo exhibition. This exhibition dealt with the path of life through nature. We do not escape our original nature, which often causes anxiety. We allow ourselves and nature be who we are. 

Veistämö Wine bar, Turku

Top Secret 14-28.4.2023

My first exhibition abroad!! I participated in the exhibition with my one work ''Dominated by egos''.

Gallery Cael, Milan, Italy

Koloristien päiväkirjat 11.2-3.2.2023

This was my first gallery exhibition with three artworks. This was a great experience to me. 

Gallery Fogga, Lauttasaarentie 6, Helsinki.

Milestone, 1.8-31.8.2022

‘Milestone’ was an exhibition celebrating my first own art exhibition with 6 artworks. Both acrylic and figurative pieces.

Cafe Akseli, Tullikatu 13, Naantali.

Exhibition in studio of late artist Pentti Koivikko, August 2021.

This was great honor to me and I'm so grateful about this for the rest of my life. The exhibition included 6 of my first works.